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Facade panels

Synonym of moderniety in architecture

  • Heat transfer coefficient U for self-supporting wall panels: 0.18 W / m2K
  • Heat transfer coefficient U self-supporting roof panels: 0.15 W / m2K
  • membrane curves made of modern fabrics and aluminum profiles
  • modular solution, basic module 150x150cm, other dimensions on request
  • aluminum substructure – channel 50x100x5 – any color from the RAL palette
  • membranes by Serge Ferrari, Sattler, Verseidag and others – colors e.g. according to
On request
  • we supplement with LED backlight which gives the effect of highlighting unusual shapes
  • we supplement with any prints (including OPV photovoltaic elements)
5-year warranty

Send us your project or a photo of the existing building
we will prepare a quote


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