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About us


Jakub Lipski R&D Manager, CEO

MSc. arch. Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture University of Detroit Mercy, the first Pole in IMS Institute for Membrane and Shell Technologies by Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Dessau- Rosslau (actually IMS Bauhaus), SARP, IARP
Project manager, involved in research, active architect

Jerzy Wierciński Form Finding Engineer

MSc. arch. Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Łódź
Many years of experience in parametric design of three-dimensional spatial systems

Jacek Maj Production Engineer


Many years of experience in manufacturing membrane structures, practical solutions for welding, assembly and operation

Grzegorz Kulka Structure Engineer

Arch. Faculty of Architecture, Social Academy of Sciences in Łódź
Experience in designing membrane technologies


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